Residential Roofing

roof image for goveaWhen it comes to residential roofing, Govea Roofing takes the time to explain the process. Sometimes it is hard to trust that an estimator is looking out for the homeowner. Govea Roofing will  show and explain every step of the roofing process. We believe the best customer is an educated one. With the professionalism of our estimator and the talent of the crew, we aim to earn the trust and respect of every customer.

Our dedicated team of roofing professionals are highly trained in every area of roofing installation for your home. From equipment to safety regulations, we guarantee you will receive the absolute best.

We remove and  install most types of: composition asphalt shingles, concrete & clay tiles, metal, and single-ply roofs.


commercial govea  The number one source of protection for your commercial building or business is the roof that covers it. Over time, it is common that weathering and/ or erosion damages take place and ultimately affect a roof. If this has happened to your commercial roof, you business could be at stake for some devastating results. The best way that you can prevent commercial roofing issues is by scheduling a free roofing evaluation today with Govea Roofing. We are here to help you with all roof repairs and installations, big or small.

Govea Roofing has been safeguarding Solano County buildings from leaks, rips, blistering, billowing and other damages. Commercial roof maintenance is also very important when it comes to restoring and/or increasing the value of your building.

When you use us to repair or improve your commercial roofing system, you can rest assured Govea Roofing is experienced with every available roofing system, allowing us to provide you with a state-of-the-art commercial roofing for your building.


dropsGutter systems are key parts of the home, getting water away from your home is very important. You do not want sheets of water falling onto other parts of your roof, your brick walkway, or even near your foundation, causing damage. There are many options when it comes to choosing a gutter, as well as colors.   At Govea Roofing we offer gutter cleaning services.